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Mission Statement

My personal mission is to assist clients in all aspects of accumulating, preserving, enjoying, and distributing wealth to achieve financial peace of mind.

My History

For over 36 years I have been a financial advisor I have worked with individuals, families, and company retirement plans to provide exceptional investment management and holistic financial planning service.

As an Alabama Registered Investment Advisor, I am a fiduciary to my clients and dedicated to put my clients’ interests first. From investment management, retirement planning, financial planning, estate planning guidance, and tax planning guidance – my goal is your financial peace of mind.

Estate Planning Guidance

While accumulating and conserving wealth throughout your life, you want to know how those assets will be distributed after your passing. This distribution requires thoughtful and current estate planning.

Estate planning may need to go beyond simply having a Will or Durable Power of Attorney. You may want to consider a trust to accomplish specific goals such as maintaining privacy, charitable giving, or college funding.

We will work with you and your estate planning attorney so that your estate is planned as you wish. We will talk about trusts, charitable giving, or other ideas you have for your estate.

Guiding Principles

Clients are my focus. I am dedicated to my clients’ success and define my own success in terms of their success. I will strive to understand their needs and to meet or exceed their expectations by delivering practical advice, effective implementation, well designed investments, and always providing outstanding value. I will continuously renew our resources to insure I bring my clients the most up–to–date methodologies and know how.

Teamwork is essential. I work together in planning, setting standards, and continuously improving and delivering quality service. I work together with teams – locally, regionally, and nationally to best serve our clients.

Core Values allow me to conduct my business affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity. I will treat everyone with respect and dignity. I will work to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. I will seek opportunities to contribute to our community.

My Core Values Are:

  1. Appreciation:  Is expressed and received with dignity. Counting our blessings and helping others see theirs.
  2. Collaboration:  Authentic and passionate engagement with others towards meaningful, extraordinary results and relationships. All voices have value and importance.
  3. Excellence:  A promise to those we serve and to ourselves to continually improve, raise your standards, and give your best.
  4. Integrity:  We are honest and authentic in all of our actions and relationships, with a willingness to accept discomfort to maintain it.
  5. Passion & Fun: Having enthusiasm and passion for my profession while creating a happy and healthy environment.
  6. Integrity Statement Integrity is a fundamental part of my philosophy. My commitment to integrity means that all of my actions and relationships are based on these uncompromising values. 

Uncompromising Values 

  • Our Business Approach, Using the Efficient Market Theory, Modern Portfolio Theory, and the Fama French 4 Factor Model.
  • Communicate honestly.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Deal fairly in all our relationships.
  • Take responsibility for our actions.
  • Honor our commitments and obligations.
  • Treat each other with respect.
  • Commitment to steady, long–term improvement
  • Approach our work with a focus on results, a sense of timeliness, and a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. Demonstrate leadership which encourages teamwork, open communications, and mutual trust. Maintain our firm’s independence and local control to better serve our community’s clients and professionals.

Managing your wealth, with the focus on Investment rules, and academic research

Helping with Your Investment Needs

Sit down with Paul and let him help you put together an investment portfolio that fits your risk profile. He knows you have worked hard for your money, and it is his duty to listen to you and give you his best advice. He is here to help you and your family members.

Paul Abele believes strongly in Nobel Prize-winning Efficient Market Theory that states all information (both pubic and private) and priced into the current market price of each stock that trades on a public exchange. Unknown events move the stock market, and attempting to foresee the future is elusive at best.

I am proud to offer a complimentary book, designed to provide a workable, sensible framework for investors, The 5 Mistakes Every Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them encourages investors to refrain from certain negative actions, such as fighting the market, misunderstanding performance, and letting one’s biases and emotions get in the way of investing success.

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